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The Math Inspectors Detective Story - 5 Books Set

The Math Inspectors Detective Story - 5 Books Set

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Immerse your children in an exciting world of mystery-solving with our five-book set of The Math Inspectors Detective Story! This engrossing series combines the intrigue of detective work with the thrill of mathematics, delivering both education and entertainment in equal measure.

Our Math Inspectors are four ordinary twelve-year-old kids named Stanley, Charlotte, Gertie, and Felix. They are passionate about two things: math and solving mysteries. Living in the small town of Ravensburg, New York, there is no shortage of mysterious events for them to investigate.

Each book in the series presents a new mystery for our young detectives to solve, using their love of math and logic. Like Sherlock Holmes but with fractions, these Math Inspectors solve mysteries that will keep your children hooked from the first page to the last.

Here are the titles included in this engaging series:

  • Book One - The Case of the Claymore Diamond.
  • Book Two - The Case of the Mysterious Mr. Jekyll.
  • Book Three - The Case of the Christmas Caper.
  • Book Four - The Case of the Hamilton Roller Coaster.
  • Book Five - The Case of the Forgotten Mine.

Every book in The Math Inspectors series is filled with adventure, mystery, and a dash of math, making learning a fun-filled journey. These books are perfect for kids who love detective stories, those interested in mathematics, or anyone who enjoys a good adventure. Imbibe the joy of reading and the thrill of problem-solving with The Math Inspectors Detective Story set. Give your child a reading experience they'll cherish!





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