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Telling Time Teaching Clock Activities Set - Montessori Educational Toy

Telling Time Teaching Clock Activities Set - Montessori Educational Toy

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Bring the concept of time to life for your little ones with our Telling Time Teaching Clock Activities Set. This set is designed as an educational toy that helps children grasp the concept of time in a fun and interactive way.

Our Telling Time Teaching Clock Activities Set is the perfect tool to introduce children to the world of time. It includes a beautifully crafted wooden clock and 12 matching cards, each card representing a different hour. The colorful, attractive design captivates children and enhances their learning experience.

With this Montessori-inspired set, children can physically adjust the hands of the clock, associating the numbers on the clock face with different times of the day. The matching cards further reinforce this learning by providing visual cues. By matching the time on the cards to the clock, children can better understand the relationship between numbers and time.

This educational toy goes beyond just telling time; it also helps develop important skills such as problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking. It's an excellent resource for homeschooling parents, kindergarten teachers, or anyone aiming to make learning time a hands-on, engaging activity.

The Telling Time Teaching Clock Activities Set is not just a toy, but a comprehensive learning tool that turns the complex concept of time into an easy, fun, and enjoyable activity. It's the perfect gift to help preschool students learn and master the art of telling time while having a blast!

Material: Wood

Product weight: 450g

Conditions: brand new high quality, safe and non-toxic

Suitable for babies: over 3 years old

Packing method: original packaging

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