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Mastering Maths: An Outback Adventure into Numbers for Preschoolers

Mastering Maths: An Outback Adventure into Numbers for Preschoolers

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Make the journey of early learning fun and accessible with our exciting Mastering Maths book! This comprehensive guide is designed to introduce the joy and wonder of Mathematics to preschool children, offering a wide array of concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

In the Mastering Maths series, we firmly believe that children learn best when they can relate their learning to the world around them. Therefore, we've built this book to teach crucial math concepts using everyday items found in a child's life. The aim is to make complex ideas tangible and relatable, ensuring your child will find Mathematics less intimidating and more engaging.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Range of Topics: Mastering Maths covers a wide spectrum of topics, providing your child with a solid foundation in Mathematics. From counting and number recognition to basic shapes and spatial awareness, your child will gain exposure to the fundamentals of maths in a friendly and supportive manner.

  2. Building Mathematical Awareness: Our book encourages children to discover the magic of numbers in their everyday lives. It helps foster a sense of curiosity and appreciation for Maths, making learning a proactive and enjoyable experience.

  3. Mastering Basic Concepts: The emphasis on mastering basic mathematical concepts ensures that your child builds a robust understanding from the ground up. This strong foundation will enable them to tackle more complex mathematical problems as they progress in their learning journey.

The Mastering Maths book turns learning into an adventure, and every page brings new discoveries that will keep your child hooked and asking for more. Begin your child's mathematical journey with a book that turns complicated ideas into child's play. Ignite their love for numbers today with Mastering Maths: An Outback Adventure into Numbers for Preschoolers!


  • Includes Comprehensive Range of Topics
  • Build Mathematical Awareness
  • Master Basic Concepts

Age Group : 4-6 years


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