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Kumon Thinking Skills Workbooks - Set of 4

Kumon Thinking Skills Workbooks - Set of 4

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Nurture your child's potential with our engaging set of 4 Kumon Thinking Skills Workbooks. These workbooks are expertly crafted to foster critical thinking skills, which are not only crucial for your child's academic success but also in their everyday life. Each workbook is suited perfectly for children aged 3-6 years old, setting a strong foundation for their intellectual growth.

Our Kumon workbooks follow an effective and proven step-by-step method that gradually enhances your child's thinking capabilities. The workbooks are filled with colorful and exciting activities that will keep your child engrossed, making learning enjoyable. The experience transforms from mere studying to a fun exercise, where your child delights in each page while simultaneously building essential skills.

Each book contains approximately 80 pages of thought-provoking exercises that stimulate your child's mind, improving their ability to analyze, understand, and solve problems. The tasks are designed to be age-appropriate, promoting cognitive development at a comfortable pace.

Investing in these workbooks is an investment in your child's future. Cultivate your child's inherent curiosity and intellect with our Kumon Thinking Skills Workbooks. Begin their journey towards becoming independent, critical, and creative thinkers today!

size :29.7x21cm

Suitable for :children 3-6 years old


4 books for one set


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