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Kumon Math Word Problems - English Edition for Grade 1-6

Kumon Math Word Problems - English Edition for Grade 1-6

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Immerse your young learners in the world of numbers with our comprehensive Kumon Math Word Problems - English Edition for Grade 1-6. This carefully crafted set of books is designed to guide students in their journey of mathematical exploration from grades 1 through 6.

Our workbooks, inspired by the globally respected Kumon learning method, emphasize understanding over rote learning, enabling children to fully grasp math concepts before moving onto the next. The set covers a comprehensive range of topics, including number recognition, arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and more. Each book is tailored to its respective grade level, progressively building on the skills learned previously to facilitate consistent growth and mastery of mathematical concepts.

The English Edition of the Kumon Math Word Problems stand out due to their unique application questions. These application questions are thoughtfully designed to challenge students, encouraging them to apply the math skills they've learned to real-life situations. This approach not only enhances understanding and retention of mathematical concepts but also cultivates practical problem-solving skills.

GRADE 1 Word Problems: This workbook will introduce your child to word problems with simple addition and subtraction. The illustrations in our workbook increase comprehension and provide a fun learning experience.

GRADE 2 Word Problems: This workbook guides your child through the basics of answering word problems with large numbers. Length and weight word problems give children real world addition and subtraction applications. Through our gradual progression of activities, your child will advance to tables and graphs with ease. Addition and subtraction Reading graphs Drawing graphs and counting given concrete objects.

GRADE 3 Word Problems: This workbook helps your child build a strong foundation in word problems with multiplication and division. Children will progress gradually through our activities, to confidently choose which operations to use to solve word problems. Then, by mastering graphs and tables, your child will advance to more difficult word problems with ease.-Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division-Estimation (round numbers)-Reading bar graphs and pictographs

GRADE 4 Word Problems: This workbook guides children through more sophisticated word problems that include fractions and decimals. Also, mixed calculation sections incorporate multiple-digit multiplication and division, as well as line graphs and pictographs.~ Multiplication and division of whole numbers~ Fractions and decimals~ Estimation (round numbers, addition and subtraction)~ Reading and writing line graphs and pictographs~ Determining number outcomes

GRADE 5 Word Problems: Your child will complete word problems with decimals, percentages, ratios, and graphs. By reviewing important skills such as rounding numbers and identifying odd and even numbers, this workbook builds confidence as children continue to improve their word problem abilities.~ Fractions and decimals~ Addition and subtraction of measurements~ Determining percentage and drawing graphs~ Determining probability from trial results

GRADE 6 Word Problems: This workbook familiarizes children with complex arithmetic concepts. Your child will solve problems dealing with speed, distance, and time. By mastering probability and averages, your child can advance to more difficult word problems with ease.~ Fractions~ Solving percent problems including percent, rate, and base~ Solving problems including speed, distance, time~ Determining probability~ Determining an average from pictographs

Whether your child is starting their first-grade math journey or looking to strengthen their foundational skills before moving onto more complex mathematical problems in grade 6, our Kumon Math Workbooks - English Edition is an invaluable resource that will pave the way for academic success. It's not just a math workbook, but a comprehensive guide to building mathematical confidence and competence.

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